Antisocial Alison is a sticker pack that I illustrated, depicting the comedic facial expressions of a stereotypical American teen. With the help of an iOS and web developer, we put our sticker pack on the App Store and created


The image below is an example of how the stickers can be used.

alsion_screenshot_for_sticker screenshot_for_sticker_2

These are all of the stickers included in the sticker pack.

alisonstickers1 alisonstickers2 alisonstickers3


alisonsphoto1 alisonsphoto2

Two Photos I took that I used to advertise the sticker pack to my friends on facebook and twitter.

Alison Sticker Sketches

alisonstickers4 My sketching style changes every time I draw: sometimes, I draw my idea out in pen, if I need work on the anatomy I sketch with pencil and sometimes I just draw stick figures with the facial expressions I want and then flesh out the character in Illustrator.