Amai Surprise is a franchise that includes a brand of dried fruit snacks for kids. The goal of the project is to make packaging of fruit as appealing as packaging for candy so kids can make a healthier choice when selecting food off the shelves in stores. Organic food packaging typically tone down the bright colors and switch to more earthly colors for their branding which can incidentally push kids away from eating them.

This brand design is based off of the concept of “magical girls”. These are characters from kid’s tv shows that have the ability to transform into their super hero selfs and save the day. With the growing interest of anime in the West, branding fruit snacks with magical girls will attract kids from newer generations that are growing familiar with this media.

Adriana Belinski

Adriana Belinski Front of the packets. Adriana Belinski Back of the packets.

Adriana Belinski The final box will come with a bracelet. Often in magical girl shows, a character has an item such as a necklace or wand that helps them transform into their superhero selves. Our main character Rose tranforms using her special bracelet. The back of the box displays her pre-transformation scene.

Adriana Belinski Each individual fruit packet comes with a card of the character from the front of the packet. Each card depicts a virtuous action followed by a description of the action.

Adriana Belinski This is the back of the cards.

Adriana Belinski This project highlights the Strawberry Mango edition of the Amai Surprise franchise. Hence the box design, card, packet and bracelet have the color scheme of Rose, the Strawberry Mango girl.

Adriana Belinski The packets and the bracelet fit snugly in the Amai Surprise box, which has a clear top so one can view the contents.

Adriana Belinski The final box contains three fruit packets, one bracelet, and three cards. (Everything is cushioned by glittering filler)

Company Logo and Product Logotype

Adriana Belinski Niji means rainbow in Japanese and Amai means sweet.


Adriana Belinski


Adriana Belinski

Concept Sketch

Adriana Belinski This is Rose’s initial character design along with the company logo and a gift basket idea instead of the final box solution.