Hora is a Romanian organization in the Minnesota. For a web design project, I recreated their website with modern design elements.

Throughout the website, the primary design element I used is Romanian stitching. The stitchings can be seen as a decoration at the side of the menu. These triangular-like stitches were then used as design elements for the rest of the page as seen in the buttons and photos. For the color scheme, I used two of the colors from the Romanian flag, red and blue, and I chose to leave yellow out to keep things simple‚Äďand yellow can still be seen in some photos throughout the page.


The about page contains subtle parallax scrolling in all three images and in this video, it can be most clearly seen with the two standing figures.

On this page, the user can scroll left and right to view more content. The diamond motif is displayed again in the read more button to unify with the diamonds in the page above.

In the events page, each image rotates into a diamond and changes into the color blue to unify with the blue in the about page. The user can click on each diamond to view more content.