This LA based makeup brand was created for the conscious teen. I was brought into the process to design the packaging and branding for their first launch of clean cosmetics. I helped design the brand feel, component, packaging, and social media launch.


The logomarks and wordmarks play off the brand’s main design asset: glitches. Both logos contain the luminizer and gloss product designs, colors, and makeup textures. I tweaked the logomark and wordmark and also added the product patterns inside.


The moodboard consists of nature and 90s, with glitches and pixels in videos and animations. It’s inclusive, gentle, colorful, free, and appeals to teens involved in great causes and current aesthetic trends.


These posts were designed to promote the overall look and feel of the brand prior to product release. Each post plays off of a brand color and either comments on how the makeup will make you feel, facts about the makeup, and what the “G” in Citizen G can stand for. Eye-catching, creative pixel animations accompany each post.


I designed 5 email newsletters through Mailchimp to promote Citizen G’s iFundWomen campaign.


I designed a sticker set for Citizen G's first launch.